Each year we select players for our International and Regional Scholarship where we in collaboration with player and family give our full support in developing the player and create career pathways to professional contract with top academies.

Player who wants to be evaluated for scholarship can send us a request and we will advice on available events for us to do a full evaluation.

  • Magnus Gaunsbæk
    Magnus Gaunsbæk

    Club Nyborg, Norge, 2005

  • Cille Nilsen
    Cille Nilsen

    Stord, 2006

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  • Emil Øverby
    Emil Øverby

    Norge, 2006

  • Alfredo Steiner
    Alfredo Steiner

    Club Gais, Sverige, 2006

  • Blerton Isufi
    Blerton Isufi

    Club Fredrikstad, Norge, 2006

  • Sahle Jim Wållberg
    Sahle Jim Wållberg

    Club Sandåkern, Sverige, 2004

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  • Bashir Bashiir
    Bashir Bashiir

    Club Alvesta GIF, Somalia, 2005

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If you want to know how can a player join the NF Scholarship, get in touch with us!

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